Father Abbot of Iridine Monastery


Father Abbot of Iridine Monastery, he talks like Deckard Cain from Diablo. Lawful Good human.


Balding, white hair around the ears, drooping eyes set into a fair cherubic face. His attire is not what you would expect of one as high ranking as Tarlos. He wears a simple brown robe with white trimming and bright white scarf. The scarf, the only symbol of his rank is untied and each end runs down to his thighs and has been adorned with matching tassels. He proudly wears a wooden amulet baring the symbol of St. Cuthberg around his neck. The robe is tied around his waist with a simple white cord, attached on one side is a string of prayer beads, the other a simple short club. The man presents himself in a very pious and humble manor, yet very approachable and charismatic.


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