Forum RPG

No Easy Escape!

The heroes fled the scene, with their dead friend and what loot/bodies they could, but their escape would not be as easy as they had hoped! The pissed off viking-like warriors who were searching for the sniper who headshot-killed their comrade killing hostages, spotted the fleeing carriage and heroes and 2 mounted warriors took quick pursuit! The exhausted heroes did what they could to stave off the assault, but these fierce barbarians would not be shaken! Pelic dished out a solid charge but was blasted from his mount and drug down the road by his mount. The barbarian was unphased though and continued his assault on the carriage, shattering one of the wheels! The jolting impact tossed Tregan off the wagon, sending him into the mud with a SPLAT

As the fight waged on, more vikings rounded the corner, heeding the call of their general as he called out battle cries to the “Shadow Lord”. It was about this time when Raiffen appeared and soon after volleys of arrows began to zip through the air, digging into the enemies. Tregan called upon a crafty spell he held as an Ace up his sleeve, summoning a celestial ass monkey whom he commanded to fist one of the viking’s horses, in search for a non-existent banana. His plan worked as the horse bucked and whinnied in protest, launching its rider into the mud.

The noble Pelic bought his allies time to escape and regroup by charging into the fray of newly arrived enemies. He was overrun and surrounded, being knocked off his mount. But this halfing was not all brawn, he kept his wits about him and was able to mysteriously “poof” back atop his mount and ride through the circle of death.

Soon the threat was downed, thanks mostly to the unknown archers, and the group was left in shambles. Tregan had fled the scene, calling upon the powers of a scroll to grant him expeditious speed of retreat, while the others were battered and punctured from the fighting.

A mysterious figure emerged from the woods, along with some familiar looking camouflaged men wielding composite bows. He took claim of the cargo onboard the carriage, an apparent deal he had worked out with Raiffen to save his allies. The heroes had little or no fight left in them and offered no protest. They simply wanted to return to Iridine and tend their wounds.

A newcomer arrived at this point, a stocky dwarf, who shouted out claims of justice and surrendering for questioning. After a few words the dwarf sprinted off with great speed for one with such stubby legs and was gone…

On the ride back, the group was stopped by a contingent of Iridine soldiers, Knights of the Steel Cross, along with that same dwarf. Any misunderstandings were quickly remedied by the bluntness of Dhakwan, and soon the group was moving towards the monastery again; while the Knights took full gallop towards Vetallun to deliver the hammer of retribution to the vikings, who the group learned are known as the Volkar



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