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Bandit Captive and a Tragic Death

Telemacus snuck out the tunnel exit with the sun still behind the early morning horizon. With a bit of a stuggle, the rogue was able to tie up the man still in his bedroll. He drug him back into the cave along with his things and went back to the rest of the group.

The party gathered around the captured foe at the tunnel exit. He squirmed against his bindings as the group stared at him with those eyes… those scrutinizing, raping eyes… When asked of his identity and purpose, he resisted, only to find himself in a dire situation.. facing the ire of Dhakwan’s “interrogation” tactics. Telemacus forcefully stripping him of his gear and clothes with the threat of man-love didn’t hurt either. Soon the party was able to glean a few clues and had a lead to follow to track down the elusive bandit king. They found out: -they were here using the secret tunnel to access the city. -mission was to use internal contact to obtain an insider on the new team the abbot hired to take down the bandit king. -this captive claimed to not know anything other than his current mission. -Mark on the map was their rendezvous point where they would meet up with more of his group.

They tracked their way through the outskirts of the surrounding farmlands and eventually made their way past the guard towers and into the bordering meadow and to the road leading to Vetallun. More interrogation was done and the captive’s hamstrings were severed. He was left on the road as the adventurers trekked onward into the thick forest. Telemacus led the way, scouting into the woods seeking out the “X” from the parchment map they found on their captive. He slinked through the woods carefully, eventually coming upon a couple trees subtly carved with X’s marking them as the spot he sought. After some fruitless searching, Telemacus spotted movement off in the distance and took cover, carefully deploying his sniper apparatus.

Meanwhile the party was making their way towards the area, hoping Telemacus might tip them off to any danger that might be laying in wait for them. Pelic, thinking his small size would be idea for sneaking into the area decided to lead the way. Wildlife scattered as the sound of a marching army (Pelic rolling double nat 1’s) thundered through the forest. The sound perked the ears of nearby ambushers and Telemacus was able to catch sight of more men moving about him, all dressed up in camouflaged gillie suits, armed with crossbows.

Soon after a the clank of crossbow actions could be heard as the bandits took fire on Pelic, and Telemacus took fire on the unfortunate bandit he had his crosshairs set on. Soon the battle in the forest was full on, or rather the massacre of the ambushers as they were quickly reduced to 1 by the party. The remainder loosed a pair of thunderstones and a smokestick to make his escape, whistling out signals to his friends in hiding. Soon 3 more joined the action, taking up a defensive position northwest of the party,firing arrows. The party took quick cover in the expanding smoke cloud 60-70 feet away from the enemy, where Tregan devised a clever plan to quickly dispatch of the new foes. The reinforcements were quickly met with a flash of light as the entire group was teleported through a Dimensional Step spell right in charge range! The brave Kelvan was the first to charge in, hitting them right in the center of the bandit formation, hacking and slashing at any unfortunate enough to be in his way. Pelic followed suit and barreled in atop his dire badger, his lance striking true, literally bursting his target into giblets from the impact! Dhakwan rushed in delivering a near fatal blow to his target, while Telemacus buried a well placed bolt into the other’s neck. Seeing no chance of victory, one bandit fled the scene with Pelic pursuing. The last remanding bandit tried to flee, but was met with a wicked attack of opportunity from Dhak’s deadly reach, lopping off his leg clean at the knee! The fleeing bandit was quickly run down and destroyed… The struggling bandit was healed enough to stop from bleeding out his amputated limb and dragged back to his friend whom the group left on the road, bound and hamstrung.

Meanwhile, Pelic caught sight of billowing smoke out to the northwest through a break in the forest canopy. The party went to investigate, knowing this to be the relative location of Vetallun. Telemacus scouted out ahead while the party shadowed the road and took a look from a distance. They saw the mining town was now occupied by a large group of viking-like warriors, and were extinguishing the flames of battle (hence the smoke billowing up into the air). Telemacus moved back to the rest of the group and relayed his intel, then quickly doubled-back and deployed his sniper rifle, i mean crossbow, after seeing hostages being lined up and executed one by one. While he was moving in a large 4-horse drawn carriage made its way out of the town, with a robed man inside and an escort of 10 of the hulking full-plated warriors. Telemacus wasted no time in lining up a shot and burying a huge bolt into the executioner’s forehead. The heavy ammo snapped the man’s head back as it pierced through the horned helmet… but he did not fall. He straightened and roared defiantly before finally sucomming to the blow. By then the carriage has rounded the corner in the road away from Vetallun, turning northeast towards and unknown destination. The party moved to ambush the carriage while Telemacus fled from the warriors coming out to investigate the sniper shot. Telemacus slipped away and circled around to where the party was engaging the carriage.

A perfectly placed Stinking Cloud by Tregan stopped it dead in its tracks and left most of the crew coughing and vomiting from the horrid stench! Kelvan and Pelic took popshots into the cloud, honing in on the coughing sounds inside. Kelvan heaved a large stone while Pelic flung bullets from his sling, both striking something. Soon 2 raging vikings rushed out of the cloud, really pissed off while the rest of their commrades stumbled out, still nauseated from the stench cloud. The group systematically took down the warriors while they were literally helpless from the combined effect of Dhakwan’s wicked curse, dark companion, and the lingering effects of Tregan’s stink cloud. As the numbers dwindled Tregan added to the fray by summoning two beasts, one a hellish hound from the abyss, and the other a giant celestial beetle.

Soon the robed man made his appearance, exiting the carriage and loosing some fiery power at Pelic! Fortunately for Pelic, the Hex of Dhakwan would torment the man enough to throw his aim off and instead blasted poor Grady who had taken a backseat during the fights, not used to the viciousness of battle. Despite the difficulty he was finding in summoning and focusing his arcane power, Tregan was quick to counter the robed man’s magical ability with his… shaft topped with a swirling pink crystal… an eternal wand of Hold Person. He was successful in locking down the man, who had no choice but to stand there in paralysis while he watched his guard get cut down. Unfortunately for him, that was the least of his worries in a few moments…

The opportunistic rogue seeing the helpless juicy target could not resist. He loaded one of his Theryn-crafted special bolts and fired at the robed man… The bolt slammed into the man’s chest, collapsing the glass vial of oil in its center, setting off the alchemical concoction! A small blast sent giblets of the man’s chest flying about while inflicting some minor damage to all those adjacent to him. Seeing the man explode from the waist up, the remaining vikings went into a berserker rage and begun hacking with reckless abandon. A few took some heavy hits, but Kelvan would be the one to suffer the ultimate fury of the rage! The towering brute raised his axe high overhead and and chopped down at the noble Kelvan! Sparks showered the area as the axe cut through the helmet, hewing through skull and brain and continuing its severing strike, stopping only when the axe met the hard adamantite of Kelvan’s chest piece (3 nat 20’s x_x). The party looked in horror as their companion fell, but shed no tears and finished off the vikings. With the sound of Telemacus’ “boom” drawing the attention of the searchers, the group quickly rounded up what bodies they could, tossing them into the carriage and sped out of there…..



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